[Can you eat bananas after eating shrimp]_Recommended diet

[Can you eat bananas after eating shrimp]_Recommended diet

  Many things in the world are related to each other, especially between foods, there are many foods that cannot be eaten together, just like cucumbers with tomatoes and seafood with beer, so what can nutritional shrimps do?There is no special definition for eating together. If you want to eat some fruit after a seafood feast, can you try to neutralize after-meal fruits like bananas?

  Can I eat bananas after eating shrimp?

  The answer is yes, after eating shrimp you can eat bananas, there is no conflict between the two foods.

  1. This question will be raised because shrimp contains a compound called “pentapotassium arsenic”, and “pentavalent arsenic” becomes “tripotassium arsenic” with VC, and pentavalent arsenic, five poisons, and three potassium blacksIt is toxic, so avoid eating fruits with dissolved VC content when eating shrimp.

  2. If the shrimp you eat is sea shrimp, you need to be careful not to drink beer at the same time. Seafood and beer with the same food will produce a large amount of uric acid, which has the risk of gout.

  3, some fruits contain higher acid, avoid avoiding eating with shrimp, such as grapes, persimmons, etc., because this will stimulate the stomach, cause dizziness, nausea, nausea and vomiting.

  4. If there are allergic diseases, shrimp should not be consumed by certain people, so as not to cause allergic symptoms and cause physical discomfort.

  5. Patients with certain skin diseases should not eat shrimp, such as eczema, itching of the skin and so on.

  You can grind from the above points, and you can eat bananas after eating shrimp, because the VC content in bananas is not large, and it will not cause poisoning by reacting with pentavalent oxides contained in shrimp, but remember not to eat shrimpAfterwards, eat fruits with high vitamin C content to avoid poisoning.