Bath therapy

Bath therapy

Bathing not only cleans the body, but also promotes the metabolism of whole body cells, improves the function of endocrine adenosine, and eliminates nervous tension and fatigue.

The temperature of the bath water is 40 °C. It is too hot to make too much sebum. The time to bathe is most suitable for 10 minutes. As for the number of baths a day, it varies according to the living conditions and environment, but it can be bathed once a day.

  (1) The main components of seawater bath, chloride ion and sodium ion, have a strong warm feeling after bath, and can stimulate the skin, make the skin vasodilatation, increase the blood circulation of the body surface, accelerate the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands, and increase the survival and peristalsis.Obesity and other effects.

  (2) The temperature of the hot water bath is higher than 42 °C, which has a better weight loss effect.

However, hot water bath can often lead to excessive body temperature, increased body temperature, increased blood pressure, increased perspiration, increased breathing and increased cholesterol burden. Therefore, strict attention should be paid to contraindications.

Generally speaking, after starting to sweat, you can walk out of the bath for 2 minutes, wait for the sweat to dry, then wash into the bath for about 4 minutes, then come out and rest for 2 minutes.

This is repeated 3 times over and over.

Pool bath soaking is greater than the energy consumed by the spray, and the weight loss effect is good.

  (3) Sauna medicine believes that when the steam bath is used, people are located in the transpiration of hot and humid air, and the skin, internal and internal organs are all supported, can be adjusted and camped, the blood circulation is collaterals, and the effect of calming and cultivating the spirit is achieved.

The sauna is to use the high-heat air to keep the bathroom at a high temperature, so that the bather can sweat a lot, to eliminate fatigue, lose weight and build body, and assist in the treatment of certain chronic diseases.

The steam bath is a good exercise for the cardiovascular system. During the steam bath, the blood vessels of the skin expand significantly, sweating a lot, the blood circulation is accelerated, and various tissues in the skin get more nutrition.

Excretion of sweat also contributes to the elimination of waste in the body.

Increase the consumption of adults to achieve the purpose of weight loss, especially suitable for people with simple obesity and mild edema.

When you first enter the bath, the high temperature steam room only stays for 5 minutes.

Patients with fever and dehydration, after drinking, those who have just finished physical exercise or exercise can not enter the bath immediately.

Obesity patients with complications such as hypertension and coronary heart disease increase the weight loss of the sauna, and those who are unable to adapt to the low blood pressure, diabetes, nephritis and other diseases that can not be adapted to the sauna treatment are generally reduced.