The Maldives seizes its blue embrace

The Maldives seizes its blue embrace

Come to a small island, lie quietly on the beach, breathe the fresh sea breeze, admire the cotton-like white clouds in the sky, and enjoy the bright sunshine.

Stay away from the hustle and bustle, away from the filth, away from the ground, as if into the heavens. This is a luxury dream of me.

In the Maldives, I found this kind of dream, which is being regarded as the last paradise – “the last paradise”.

  White beaches, blue waters, tall coconut trees, blue sky hanging with white clouds.

Along the gentle beach, slowly dissolve into the water, let the sea alternately touch yourself.

Looking down, the water is a beneficial tropical fish and colorful corals.

Everything is so pure, there is no uncoordinated existence, a paradise in advance dreams.

  The Maldives, in the Indian Ocean southwest of the Indian peninsula, consists of 26 atolls and 1,196 islands, of which more than 200 are inhabited.

Most of the islands are distributed between the equator and 10 degrees north latitude. The terrain is low and flat. It is a tropical rain forest with a population of more than 200,000 and is believed in Islam.

The capital, Male.

  Every resort in the Maldives “owns” its own island, with more than a thousand islands and 87 resorts.

Some islands can take dozens of steps to reach the other end. It doesn’t take 15 minutes to go around the island. Although the villas on the island are full of people, they can’t see anyone except three meals a day.

The tranquility of the island and the clearness of the sea constitute a fairy tale in reality.

  I like to get up a few times when I get up a few times. I like to go to bed, it doesn’t matter whether it is day or night.

If you like to waste time, you can waste it. Time is completely meaningless.

I like to watch the sea and sit on the pier and look at the ends of the earth forever, seeing the sky and the sea as a line.

I like to watch the meteor staying under the stars all night, putting the stars into the eyes that have never been so wide.

  Like to make a fish, jump into the clear and completely transparent sea, and dive with small sharks, devil fish or turtles.

Like to make a leaf and leaf, drag a floating mat to lie on it, drifting freely at sea.

Like the bronze race, stay on a thin, soft beach like a powder.

I like to go to the nearby islands and even boat myself.

Like to eat, don’t eat, follow you.

  When I saw the sea water here, I couldn’t help but want to supplement it.

White sandy beaches, blue waters, and coconut trees in various poses, with white clouds hanging in the blue sky in the distance.

Marvel at the beautiful scenery, breathe the fresh air, feel the sea breeze, and at the same time, there are sexy and charming bikini girls on the beach. They are always clear-minded and passionate, and at this moment you seem to be in the paradise.Entering the Garden of Eden because a hotel in the Maldives is an island. To get there on the island, you can only sit in the hotel’s own boat.

Kani Island is 20 kilometers from the capital city of Male, leaving the airport for the Clippers and arriving at Kani Island in 45 minutes.

Although it is a bit isolated on the island, there are not many people to bother.

It is also the advantage that highlights the tranquility and speciality of the island!

From the moment I set foot on Kani Island, it seems that I really walked into the back garden of heaven. Everything is so beautiful, beautiful and can’t be described in words.

The island is full of flowers, trees everywhere, as if you just throw a branch on the ground and you can open the water to the sky.

The sea is as transparent as air, the air is clear like water, the coral reef is bright and dazzling, the underwater world is full of fantasy, everything on the island is simple, natural, all the worldly troubles disappear in this fresh and breezy feeling, serenity and tranquilityAlso wash the soul as new.

You will really believe that the beach waters of the Maldives are aura.

  On Kani Island, you will almost never be bored when you are sitting in a hotel room, because there are countless activities that will make you feel overwhelmed, plus ClubMed to apply for registration, the original brand image: G.


(Goodwill organizers) can also provide you with the most professional guidance at any time.

In the face of the clear blue sea, the hidden inner movement cells must have been awakened.

Snorkeling, water polo, canoeing, windsurfing, sailing, snorkeling, this sounds a name that will make you eager to try.

  Even if you don’t participate in it, lying on the soft sand of white sand, watching the scene of the scene in front of you, enjoying the sunshine of the equator, is also a pleasure.
On the beach, people come and go, small animals are not idle, and you will notice that there are crab holes in the bowl on the beach. The cracks in the stone are all the claws of the crab, that is, the crabs are digging holes, they will diligently putThe dug out of the sand is thrown away in front of your eyes, and no one is in the eye.
The small lizard with a green head and red belly squats across the stone paved sidewalk or rubs his eyes on the trunk.

Suddenly, the sky, sea, and sunny trees of Kani Island belong to them. What humans are here.

  The refurbished FlagMed flagship resort in Kani Island has 75 super-luxury water suites that are interconnected by wooden bridges that look like olive trees floating on the shoals.

Every room faces the sea without any blockage.

The room is decorated with wood.

One room, one living room and one bathroom.

There is a dressing table in the hall, a closet, and a small window facing the top.

The bedroom has a row of windows facing the sea.

In addition, some rows of glass doors can be terraced from the bedroom.

In addition to the shower room, the bathtub is built under the large windows facing the terrace and the sea.

  The terrace is large with beach chairs and a coffee table, and there is a wooden staircase leading directly to the sea above the terrace.

There is also a faint shower on the wooden ladder to help you snorkel and get rid of the sea and sand in time.

Each water suite is relatively independent and guarantees the personal space of each passenger.

There are also 20 luxury beach villas and 143 superior rooms.

The luxurious beach villas boast a view of the beach and feature a unique glass-stone indoor and outdoor bathroom.

Superior rooms face a wonderful sea view.

Nowadays, not far from the luxury water suites, new bars, restaurants and other places have been built, making it easier for guests to stay in the water suites.

  Inside the ClubMed Resort, all expenses, drinks, leisure programs, and countless sports and other activities are no longer charged for “one price all inclusive”.

This new travel experience allows everyone to experience the relaxation and enjoyment of Kani.

Like all ClubMed villages, Kani offers food, sports and leisure activities that are great value for money.

The three daily feasts are carefully prepared by culinary masters from all over the world. On this small Kani Island, you can enjoy all kinds of cuisines from all over the world, and you don’t have to worry about whether the purse after the feast will be empty.

  Perhaps this unscrupulous relaxation can only be truly realized between the blue sky and the blue sea of the Maldives!

The romance and warmth of Kani Island has become the first choice for lovers honeymoon trips.

I heard that the Maldives is a paradise that is disappearing, and those small islands are slowly being submerged by the sea.

Is God really pursuing this only “back garden of heaven” to be closed?

I don’t feel sorry in my heart.

Perhaps the beauty of the Maldives will always freeze in my memory.