[How to eat bergamot]_ Bergamot _ How to eat _ How to eat

[How to eat bergamot]_ Bergamot _ How to eat _ How to eat

Bergamot can be eaten in a variety of ways. The most common one is dried bergamot, because it can bring different tastes and flavors, but how to do it does not prevent you from doing it yourself, or you can directly clear it.Fried or used to make porridge.

First, cold chayote raw materials: 300 grams of chayote, 2 red and green fresh peppers, MSG, soy sauce, white sugar and other appropriate amount.

Method: 1. Shred chayote, deseed green and red pepper, shred; 2. Put appropriate amount of soy sauce (not too much), monosodium glutamate (not too much), sugar in glass containers; 3. shredded chayoteAnd shredded pepper?

Disperse in boiling water, the whole process takes about 8 seconds; 4. Pick it up, put it in a glass container, and insert and stir manually (pickled pepper is best not to mix); 5. Put it in a plate, place the shredded pepper inAbove, a certain color and shape contrast is formed.

Second, how to eat Jinhua bergamot 1, bergamot porridge: bergamot 10 grams, 100 grams of rice before, the amount of rock sugar.

First wash and chop the bergamot, add 1200 ml of water, fry 1000 ml of juice, and put it in a crock pot. After the rice is washed, put it in the bergamot juice with rock sugar, and simmer for 30 minutes.can.
This porridge is made from bergamot, previously rice, 1?
2 doses, it has the effects of relieving liver and qi, drying dampness and reducing phlegm, strengthening the spleen and stomach, and the effect of relieving pain.

It is suitable for the replacement of gastric stagnation pain caused by liver depression and qi stagnation, weak stomach stagnation, cough and sputum, chest tightness, loss of appetite, indigestion, bloating and vomiting.

2. Stir-fried bergamot: 250g bergamot, each with appropriate amount of condiments.

Wash the bergamot, shred it, put the plain oil in the pot and heat it, then add the onion ginger and fragrant incense, and then put the bergamot. When it is cooked, add salt, monosodium glutamate and so on.

Spleen and dampness, suitable for spleen deficiency and edema, phlegm and cough.

3, bergamot fried celery: bergamot, celery, seasoning each amount.

Wash the bergamot and celery, shred them; put the plain oil in the pot to heat, add the onion ginger and fragrant incense, and then add the bergamot. When the celery is fried with salt, MSG, etc., stir-fry and serve.

It can clear heat and calm the liver, suitable for hypertension, dizziness, abdominal distension and so on.

[Which is better, the contraceptive thread or the loop?

]_ 安 环 _Efficacy

[Which is better, the contraceptive thread or the loop?
]_ 安 环 _Efficacy

For young people, confident work must be done, some condoms or emergency contraceptives, etc.

However, these methods of contraception all have their flaws. Take condoms, for example, they are better in quality. In case of poor quality, they can easily lead to unwanted pregnancy.

In addition to the above methods, the self-confidence method and the loop method are better. So which of these two methods is better?

Sheung Wan believes that women of childbearing age are more familiar and are a very popular method of contraception in the clinic. Although few people will point out the use of inline contraception, it also has a significant contraceptive effect in clinical practice.

Before answering the question of Sheung Wan and Buried Suture, let ‘s take a look at the advantages of Buried Suture Contraception: In fact, Buried Suture is a progestin-type contraceptive that is buried in the subcutaneous tissue.The thinning of the endometrium can easily interfere with the restructured menstrual cycle, but the woman’s body will gradually adapt to this change after resetting, and thus return to normal conditions.

Buried contraceptive surgery is very simple, the skin is small and shallow, and it will not cause any impact on the female body.

Which one is better, Sheung Wan and Buried?

When it comes to which of Sheung Wan and Buried Wires is good, many women must be paying particular attention.

In fact, the contraceptive effect of both the suture and the upper ring is very good, and the effective rate of contraception is as high as 90% or more. However, once implanted, the contraceptive method can last about 5 years, and the effective period of the contraceptive can be up to 10 years., So women who want longer-lasting contraception can choose Sheung Wan.

However, the contraceptive pill has a small drug response and is very simple to operate. It only requires a tiny tip to be inserted into the skin. Patients generally do not experience alternative symptoms. However, many patients may not be able to adapt to it at the beginning of the ring.There will be short-term vaginal bleeding, weakness in the waist and knees, irregular menstruation, etc. Generally, it can return to normal after conditioning.

It can be seen that this is a good problem for Sheung Wan and Buried Threads. Sheung Wan and Buried Threads have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, if women do not know how to choose a contraceptive method, it is recommended to go to the hospital to ask a doctor. The doctor willPhysical condition to make a reasonable choice.

The above is the introduction of all relevant content about Sheung Wan and Buried Threads. Sheung Wan and Buried Threads are quite common contraceptive methods. It is recommended that female friends go to a distance hospital for consultation, and choose the most suitable for them based on their actual situation.Situational confidence measures.

[Efficacy and role of South Claw]_ application _ benefits

[Efficacy and role of South Claw]_ application _ benefits

Pumpkin is a common food on our daily table. Some make pumpkin porridge; some make pumpkin pie; and roasted pumpkin is added with honey. It tastes sweet and is loved by children.

Pumpkin has many effects and effects, I believe this is also why people eat it every day.

Pumpkin is rich in protein; it contains amino acids needed by the human body; and it also contains carotene in glucose, which is good for children to promote the development of bones.

Nutrition and efficacy of pumpkin 1.

Pumpkin contains protein, among which the content of immunoactive protein is relatively high, because the ascorbate oxidase gene in pumpkin is the same as that of tobacco, but the activity is higher than that of tobacco, so the content of immunoactive protein in pumpkin is relatively high.


Pumpkin contains a variety of amino acids required by the human body, among which threonine, leucine, lysine, phenylalanine, and isoleucine are relatively high.


Pumpkin is rich in glycerol, and pumpkin polysaccharide can improve the immune system of the human body, because pumpkin polysaccharide is a non-representative immune enhancer, can promote the production of cytokines, and therefore can regulate the immune system.


Pumpkin is rich in carotene, and carotene can be converted into vitamin A in the human body, and vitamin A is an important vitamin for the human body. It can protect eyesight, promote the growth and differentiation of epithelial tissues, and promote bone development.


Pumpkin contains vitamin C, and vitamin C has a strong oxidizing effect, which can remove free radicals in the human body, and can prevent nitrate from being converted into nitrite in the human body, and nitrite is a carcinogen.


Pumpkin also contains abundant pectin. After entering the stomach, pectin can adjust the absorption rate of food in the stomach and reduce the absorption of sugar. Because pumpkin is rich in accumulated fiber, the replacement fiber will not be digested by the bodyAbsorption, shortening the residence time in the stomach, prolonging the emptying of food in the stomach, can control the rise of blood sugar.


The pectin in pumpkin will combine the excess cholesterol in the human body, thereby reducing the body’s absorption of cholesterol, which will reduce the cholesterol content in the blood, which is to reduce blood lipids.


Pumpkin is rich in trace elements, especially cobalt, which has the highest cobalt content in all vegetables. Cobalt can promote the body’s metabolism and is a mineral required by trace island cells. It can promote hematopoietic function and vitamin B12.synthesis.
Second, the contraindications of pumpkins in the efficacy and effects of pumpkins. It should be noted that although pumpkins are nutritious, remember not to eat more, and it is not easy to eat them for a long time, because pumpkins are a mild food, and they will become angrySymptoms.

In addition, people who eat pumpkin for a long time will produce a kind of moisture, and the long-term stagnation of moisture in the body will lead to various conditions in the body.

In addition, for people with diabetes, because pumpkin contains a lot of sugar, it is not advisable to eat more, so as not to cause the disease to worsen.

[Soup is nutritious or meat is nutritious]_Effect_Efficacy

[Soup is nutritious or meat is nutritious]_Effect_Efficacy

There is a kind in the folk called nutrition is in the soup, and many times we only eat the soup after cooking the soup. In fact, the meat contains much higher nutrition than the soup.

Although it is no problem to use soup to nourish, it is best to eat meat and soup together, not to drink soup only.

90% of the protein required by the human body remains in the meat, and the soup has only a small amount of amino acids and nucleotides, so the meat is more nutritious.

The nutrition contained in the first meat.

Any chicken soup, broth or fish soup, the protein content of the soup is far less than the meat itself.

Meat is made up of muscle fibers, which include soluble sarcoplasmic proteins and amino acids, peptides, etc., which easily enter the soup, but most of the muscle fiber components are difficult to dissolve.

Basically, the protein content in broth and chicken broth is only 1%?
2%, and 15%?
A 20% meat cut indicates a much lower protein content.

Calcium and iron in bone are insoluble ingredients, so it is impossible to dissolve a lot of calcium and iron in the soup. Only soluble components such as potassium enter the soup.

For a healthy person with normal digestion and absorption ability, just drink chicken broth every day, instead of eating fish and meat in pieces, the protein accumulation is too small, and calcium and iron are not available.effect.

The nutrition contained in the second soup.

Comparing the value of soup and meat based on protein content is not accurate enough in some cases.

There are still many good things in chicken broth, replacing the dissolved free amino acids, small peptides, glutamic acid, glutamine, creatine, B vitamins and other substances. Those with weak indigestion after illness can quickly use them and improve appetite.The role of improving digestion.

For the weak, although the whole meat has a higher protein content, because of its low digestion and absorption capacity and liver and kidney processing functions, they cannot fully digest and absorb the protein in it, which may even cause a burden on the digestive system and liver and kidneys.

From this perspective, drinking chicken soup and broth allows the infirm to quickly absorb some nitrogenous substances, and feels better in a short period of time. The ancients thought it was a “tonic” effect, and it cannot be said that it was completely wrong.

Besides, the taste of chicken soup does make people happy. As long as there is no hyperuricemia and not too much salt, people are happy to consume fresh soup.

The third thing to note when drinking soup.

When drinking soup, pay attention to skim off the oil and put as little salt as possible, the lighter the better.

Otherwise, the health effect has not been ground, but the fat has been pasted a lot, and the blood pressure has also risen after drinking too much salty soup.

According to calcium supplements, you can drink milk yogurt directly, eat soy products, eat green leafy vegetables, or take calcium tablets. Just don’t expect bone soup broth.

If you supplement iron, you should also eat red meat, animal blood or animal offal directly, and drinking soup is useless.

[Practice of Sanxian Mushroom Flower Carved Steamer Chicken]_Home of Sanxian Mushroom Flower Carved Steamer Chicken

[Practice of Sanxian Mushroom Flower Carved Steamer Chicken]_Home of Sanxian Mushroom Flower Carved Steamer Chicken

We all call him “food”. Of course, food is loyal to food. Many food enthusiasts enjoy eating and praise the people who make these foods, so that those who make food feel a long-lost pleasureToday, I will introduce the practice of three fresh mushroom flower carving steamed chicken, let you experience and enjoy the joy after success again!


Wash three kinds of mushrooms 2.

Wash chicken wings 3.

Ready for Huadiao Wine 4.

Cut large mushrooms, cut out patterns on the small mushrooms, peel and slice the ginger5.

Flammulina velutipes cut off the old part of the root, sliced Pleurotus eryngii 6.

Chicken wings are chopped into inch segments 7.

Add chicken wings to boiling water and blanch until the end of blood floats. Remove and wash 8.

Add mushrooms 9 to the steamer first.

Add Pleurotus eryngii 10.

Then add enoki mushroom 11.

Good chicken wings and ginger, and a few mushrooms.

Pour into Huadiao Wine 13.

Put a sufficient amount of water in the autoclave to boil, cover it with a damp gauze, and then make a circle around the exhaust valve 14.

Put the steamer on the gauze circle, steam for 30 minutes on the high heat, and finally add salt, pepper, and garlic. Just mix the family sometimes, and always be frustrated by your loved ones. They wo n’t cook. Everyone has no food.

Do n’t worry now, watch the steps above and quickly learn how to make three fresh mushrooms and steamed chicken

[Salted Steamed Soy Beans]_With Edamame_Good Food

[Salted Steamed Soy Beans]_With Edamame_Good Food

Bacon steamed edamame is a kind of food with local characteristics, so most people are not very clear about the production process. In fact, the method of making bacon steamed edamame is relatively simple, but we need to buy bacon and edamame from a distance.There are not many sold on the market, so we can also make it ourselves in the kitchen, but the production process is more complicated.

So, what is the method of making bacon steamed edamame?

First, steamed edamame steamed meat pie ingredients: pork stuffing, edamame practice: 1.

Wash and drain the edamame, add a spoonful of raw soy sauce to the end of the pork, a bit of salt, a spoonful of cooking wine, wash your hands, stir vigorously in one direction, grab the meat stuffing and beat it in the bowl, and stir the meat stuffingIn the process, you need to add two to three times water. After each addition of water, beat vigorously in one direction until the water is completely absorbed by the meat filling. Then add another water until the meat filling becomes sticky.Good onion mix well.


Put the washed and drained edamame into a bowl and place a layer of stir-fried meat filling. A spoonful of raw soy sauce is inserted into the side of the bowl and poured in. Then two pickles are placed in the middle of the meat filling.


Put it in a steamer and boil over high heat for about 15 minutes on medium-high heat. Open the lid and pour half a spoonful of steamed fish stew oil on the surface of the minced meat. Cover it and continue steaming for one minute.

Second, boiled spiced edamame raw materials: edamame, peel, star anise, peppercorn, dried red pepper, cumin, fragrant leaves, salt method: 1.

After soaking the edamame with water and a tablespoon of salt for a while, rub it with both hands, rinse it, rinse it, and cut off both ends.


Add boiling water to the pot, add cinnamon, star anise, peppercorns, dried red pepper, cumin, and fragrant leaves and cook for a few minutes.


After smelling the flavor of the spice, add a few drops of cooking oil to the pot, add an appropriate amount of salt, and pour in the edamame to boil. Continue to boil over medium heat.


Cook until the edamame is to your liking, turn off the heat, and soak it for a few hours before eating.

Edamame porridge ingredients: edamame, previous rice, salt, sesame oil.

Practice: 1.

Prepare the materials.

Soak the rice in advance.

Add some sesame oil and mix well.


The water in the pot is boiling.

Put the rice on high heat and boil, turn to medium heat and continue to cook for about 30 minutes until thick.


Remove the edamame from the pods, add some water to break it with a cooking machine, or chop it with a knife and add it to the porridge pot.


Continue cooking for 5 minutes.

Boil salt and sesame oil before leaving the pan.

[Ginseng velvet mulled wine]_antler velvet_round ginseng wine_action

[Ginseng velvet mulled wine]_antler velvet_round ginseng wine_action

Ginseng deer antler sparkling wine is actually a good health medicinal liquor, which can effectively help to promote lean blood, and is also a great product for men to strengthen their yang and bones. It is also used to treat waist and knee weakness, or to replace urine.Adverse symptoms.

1. Ginseng antler wine is a kind of medicinal wine made from ginseng, velvet antler, white wine and rock sugar. It has a pure taste and elegant fragrance.

Taking ginseng velvet wine for a long time has the effects of spleen and blood, aphrodisiac and bone strengthening.

2, velvet antler can restore and promote the promotion of sexual function, treating kidney yang deficiency, backache, back pain, nocturnal emission, and urine replacement embolism.

Fourth, middle-aged and young people who are overtired.

Deer antler has the functions of invigorating the essence and invigorating the marrow, strengthening the brain and soothe the nerves, and strengthening the human body’s immunity.

Insufficient blood, dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia, forgetfulness, sweating, and anemia.

For middle-aged men over 40 years of age and older people with poor constitution, eating deer antler can nourish qi and blood, strengthen the heart and reinvigorate the veins, stasis muscles, and strengthen muscles and bones.

People who are afraid of cold often have yang deficiency, and velvet antler is a symptomatic mild tonic.

3, taking velvet antler should start from a small amount, increase slowly, it is not appropriate to use a large amount suddenly, so as not to cause the sun to rise, the wind dizziness, redness, or help the fire and blood, causing nasal discharge.

Those with hyperactivity of yin deficiency, yang, blood, stomach fire or phlegm fever, and exogenous fever should be avoided.

The active ingredients of velvet antler are destroyed by reacting with the synthetic acids in fruits and vegetables, which is a contraindication. Anyone suffering from a new infection and fever and a sudden pain and pain syndrome are temporarily contraindicated.

[How to make assorted ham fried rice]_Homemade practice of assorted ham fried rice_How to make assorted ham fried rice_How to make assorted ham fried rice

[How to make assorted ham fried rice]_Homemade practice of assorted ham fried rice_How to make assorted ham fried rice_How to make assorted ham fried rice

Any kind of ingredients has only its own nutritional value, and can be delicious with the vitamins needed in the supplement. If you want to know how to make assorted ham fried rice, you can try stir-fry or make soup. These methods are very delicious.

1. Stuffy rice and all ingredients ready 2. Put some salt on the eggs to break up 3. Slice the ham, be careful not to be too thin 4. Dispose neatly, place the mold 5 for cutting potato chips, press down to the end, the ham grainsOK 6, handle cucumber 7 well, add oil to the hot pan, put in the beaten eggs 8, stir-fry it slightly, slightly brownish place, get out of the pan, don’t fry the old 9, set the plate for 10,Add another pan, add some oil, stir-fry the ham on low heat, stir in assorted kernels and cucumber kernels evenly, add in oil and stir well, pour in rice and eggs, mix rice with assorted kernels over low heat13, fry until the rice grains are full and evenly distributed with the side dishes, you can turn off the heat and cook out the pot. 14, put the plate on the table and smell the rich flavor?

The assorted ham fried rice is particularly attractive when it is ready to be cooked. It is simmered and tastes even better. The taste of bibimbap in soup is even more indescribable.

[Does fried okra need to boil water]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[Does fried okra need to boil water]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Okra is a kind of vegetable that can be eaten raw. Generally, it is more suitable to use dipping sauce or cold dressing. Okra has a bit of astringency and sweetness. It can be relieved by tapping with water. The taste of okra is smooth and smooth.It’s not greasy, because it’s crispy and juicy, so many people like it very much. It doesn’t need to boil water when frying okra. Let’s take a look at this process.

Do you need to boil water before frying okra? 1, do you need to boil water before frying okra? Although okra can be eaten raw, it is not very good in taste, very saliva, and has a bit of astringent taste.Afterwards, the taste of okra can be changed, it is smooth and not greasy, the flavor is unique, and it is crispy and juicy. Therefore, it is better to perform dehydration treatment before cooking okra.

2. Stir-fry the okra. Wash the whole okra and soak it in water for more than 10 minutes. It is better to soak it in fresh salt water.

The soaked okra can be cut away from the handle, but the seeds inside must not be exposed, so as to avoid the nutrition loss of okra.

You can also cut the whole pot without cutting it, and then cut it, which is better.

Boil a pot of water and add an appropriate amount of salt to the water. Boil it and then add the okra. Because the okra is lighter, it will float on the water. So after turning it, keep it warm.

Usually scald for 3 to 5 minutes, scald as soon as the color of okra becomes dark, and immediately go out of the pot. If scald is too long, the okra will become soft and affect the taste.

After the okra is immersed in cold water to cool down immediately, it is better if immersed in ice water to cool down. This is the key to keeping the okra crisp and refreshing.

After the okra is fully cool, remove the water control, cut into strips or pieces according to the requirements of the vegetable, and then make various replacements.

3. Consumption of okra is contraindicated. People with spleen deficiency and cold and indigestion should not eat more. Eating more will increase the illness.

Allergies are not suitable for consumption. The mucus of the okra and the fine hair on the surface will cause allergic reactions.

It should not be cut into several pieces for cooking, as this will cause its essence to lose.

It should not be eaten raw, and the fine hair on the surface will hurt the stomach.

Do not eat too much, everything is the same, eat only in moderation, do not overdo it, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

Okra’s Efficacy and Function1. Okra can add calcium and lose weight. Okra is rich in calcium, and the calcium it contains exists in the form of organic matter. It is particularly easy to be absorbed and used by the human body, and the absorption rate can reach 60.%, Usually people often eat okra through obvious calcium supplementation. In addition, okra contains a lot of protein and trace elements such as calcium and phosphorus. It is a high protein, low trace and low content of green ingredients. People can lose weight after eating.Let your body become slimmer.

2, okra can protect the liver and improve vision. This vegetable is rich in natural pectin and polysaccharides. They can be directly absorbed by the human liver, can promote liver cell regeneration, can also repair damaged liver cells, reduceThe damage of the virus to human liver is very obvious. In addition, okra is also rich in vitamin a and carotene. These nutrients can improve retinal function, prevent vision loss, and reduce common eye diseases such as night blindness and cataracts.occur.
3. The medicinal value of okra can lower blood sugar, and the carotene contained in it can maintain the normal secretion of insulin in the human body, which can reduce the excessively high blood sugar and have a certain therapeutic effect on human diabetes.

Okra can also treat male kidney deficiency and high-prostate prostate diseases in men. The water contains a large amount of natural mucus and a small amount of hormones. After being absorbed by the body, they can nourish kidneys, improve male sexual function, and eliminate prostate diseases.

How to make good okra ingredients: okra, vinegar, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, garlic.

Wash the okra and set aside.

Add water to a boil, add okra, add a few drops of cooking oil, and cook for about 2-3 minutes.

Add boiled okra to cool water to remove the fruit and cut into small pieces.

Cut into a bowl, add the right amount of raw soy sauce, garlic, and add a little sugar, vinegar and sesame oil and stir to serve.

Cold okra is suitable for eating in autumn. In the autumn, people have dry skin and dry mouth, which is suitable for eating yin and hydrating food.

We must grasp well during the decoction time. Cooking for a long time will cause the okra to soften, resulting in juice exchange, and the nutrient essence is easy to lose. Don’t talk about the decoction to cut it.

[How to burn salted fish]_Production method_Methods Daquan

[How to burn salted fish]_Production method_Methods Daquan

Salted fish is prepared by drying and salting the fish. Because the salted fish has been processed, it is more convenient to preserve.

In addition, there are many ways to make salted fish, which can be fried or boiled.

However, everyone should pay attention to the fact that salted fish contains a lot of salt. If you eat it directly, it will be very salty. If you eat too much salted fish, it will be harmful to human health, so you should eat it in moderation.

So how should salted fish be burned?

There are many types of salted fish, either big fish or small fish.

In the past, salted fish in China was a food eaten by poor people. (Lin Zixiang’s song “Needs you every minute”-“Salted fish and cabbage are also delicious” is a vivid reflection of poverty.)

However, some expensive salted fish may not be cheap now.

Salted fish is the main cause of nasopharyngeal cancer as a preserved food.

In Cantonese (Cantonese), there is also the meaning of the dead. In Guangxi (Vernacular), some people say that salted fish are shoes worn by them.

Suitable for the general population diet, hypertensive patients, staff should not eat under high temperature conditions.

Remarks It is not a big problem to consume a small amount, if you take it for a long time, you are susceptible to nasopharyngeal cancer.

Tips for pickled fish: Soak fish fillets, fish fillets or fillets in milk, sprinkle with a little dry flour, or fry or fry. The taste is very good; apply refined salt to the fish belly to remove the fishy odor, then wash and dry it., Put a small amount of cooking wine, and then put 3?
5 slices of ginger and shallots, upside down, so that the fish tastes evenly, then cover the bowl and marinate for half an hour, the fish tastes more delicious when cooked.

Salted fish 1 Salted fish generally has a white layer on the surface, and this white layer is salty, so it is changed to this white layer.

2If we want to remove the “salty fish white”, use a “toothbrush” that brushes the teeth to clean all the white skin including fish scales, then peel it in the middle of the salted fish, remove the fish bones and wash them, and tear them into small pieces.

Then put an appropriate amount of water in the pot. After the water is boiled, pour the salted fish into the pan for ten minutes, remove the water, and put it on a plate.

3 When “garlic” is washed and cut, separate the “head” and “leaf”.

4 Wash the “five-finger pepper” and cut it in half in half.

5 “Garlic · Ginger” serial port into pieces.

6 Put the right amount of oil in the pot. After the oil is hot, pour the “salted fish, garlic and ginger”, and fry for 2 minutes. Pour the “garlic” and fry until yellow.Add an appropriate amount of “soy sauce” and stir-fry until even.

7Finally, a delicious salty fish stir-fry dish is completed.

Precautions During the cleaning process, the surface of the salted fish is washed and washed with a toothbrush while washing, so that all the surface can be removed.

The braising process is mainly for two aspects: the salted fish that can be braised can be soft but not so hard.

At the same time, the salted fish is not so salty and tastes delicious.

The salted fish does not need to be salted in the cooking process, because it is relatively salty, and it is just right after braising.