[How to make three fresh vegetables]_How to make_How to make

[How to make three fresh vegetables]_How to make_How to make

Sanxian Maocai is a relatively well-known dish, and the practice is not particularly difficult. First of all, you must prepare ingredients. There are a lot of ingredients. You must pay attention to this aspect, prepare as much as possible, and then prepare it for the future.The taste of San Xian Mao Cai is very delicious. In addition, it has some differences from Mala Tang. The soup of the Kim Ya can be drunk. This is different from the Mala Tang. Let’s take a look at the practice of San Xian Mala.

The practice of Sanxian Maocai To prepare Sanxian Maocai, first prepare the ingredients.

The ingredients of Sanxian Maocai include garlic, salt, chicken essence, sesame oil, sesame oil, red oil, pepper and balsamic vinegar.

Other dishes include potatoes, enoki mushrooms, cabbage, mushrooms, fungus, meatballs, and sesame sauce.

First fry the fungus and tear the mushroom cabbage.

Add sea mussels to the boil.

Then boil potatoes and freshwater meatballs for three minutes before adding mushrooms and enoki mushrooms.

Then prepare garlic, sesame sauce, sesame oil, salt, chicken essence, and pepper sesame oil into juice for later use.

Finally, put the fungus and cabbage and cook for two minutes, then pour in the prepared juice and serve.

The difference between fake vegetables and hot and spicy dishes is different. For fake vegetables, all the dishes are put into a pot and cooked.

Spicy hot is to skewer dishes with bamboo sticks, then put them in the pot and eat.

The eating time is different from the way of eating: take-away vegetables are in the form of fast food and can be eaten quickly.

Mala Tang means hot pot, and you need to burn it slowly and gradually.

The standard of charge is different: take a dish is a pot of money, and hot and spicy is a price without eating a bamboo stick.

The taste is different: the spicy flavor is more spicy, and there are many flavors to choose from.

The nutritional value is different: the soup of the take-up vegetable is nutritious and can be drunk.

The spicy soup may not be suitable for drinking.

Pretzel base recipes include rock sugar, ginger rice, grass fruit, cinnamon, row grass, and white fungus. 20 grams are prepared.

Shea butter and chili noodles are 250 grams each.

Vegetable oil, salt, 100 grams each.

Yixian beans prepared 150 grams.

Yongchuan tempeh 50.

2 grams of peppercorns and 30 grams of dried peppers.

Boiled glutinous juice, 20 grams of Shao wine, 20 grams of Shao wine.

250 grams of chili noodles and 1500 grams of fresh soup.

Then the pan was heated to seven maturity.

Finely chop Lixian beans and add ginger rice pepper.

After adding water, then add other ingredients. After boiling, the foam will be brine.

Can pregnant women eat counterfeit vegetables? Counterfeit vegetables have many flavors, so pregnant women can eat counterfeit vegetables.

As long as you do n’t eat that particular spicy soup.

You can usually eat three flavors of pickled vegetables and other flavors of soup.

Eating occasionally once or twice can solve the problem.

But you can’t eat too spicy takeout.

Eating eczema is often caused by eating too spicy food.

In addition, there are a lot of seasonings and spices in the take-off base, which are not good for vitamin development.

And if it ‘s bad for you, you should eat more vegetables and fruits that contain vitamins.

[Does catfish and winter melon phase grams]_ catfish _ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

[Does catfish and winter melon phase grams]_ catfish _ diet conditioning _ diet taboo

In the fall, the winter melon is ripe. The winter melon tastes sweet and crunchy, and the taste is very good. Moreover, the nutritional value of the winter melon is particularly high. Because the winter melon is relatively large, most people buy winter melon.I will only buy a portion of it. Catfish is a very common fish. Many people who have a bad stomach will drink some catfish soup. Can catfish and winter melon interact with each other?

Anchovy has a delicious taste, tender meat, and its sweetness, flatness, warmth, and enters the stomach. The kidney meridian has the effect of warming the stomach, replenishing anger, replenishing deficiency, and dehumidifying water.

Fish has a good preventive effect on weak spleen and stomach, edema, ulcer, bronchitis, hypertension, and diabetes.

The protein contained in fish is high-quality protein, which can be easily digested and absorbed by the human body. It is a dietary supplement for patients with liver and kidney disease and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

Patients with hepatitis, nephritis, hypertension, hypertension, chronic bronchitis and other diseases often eat catfish to supplement nutrition and enhance the body’s ability to resist disease.

Patients with congenital deficiency, acquired disorders, and frailty after eating the disease, often eating some catfish are also very good for health.

In addition, catfish also has the functions of brain strengthening, nourishing liver and eyes, and lactating.

Winter melon tastes sweet and cold, has diuretic swelling, clears heat and detoxifies, clears stomach and reduces fire, and has good therapeutic effects on arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, hypertension, edema and bloating.

Gourds are high in sodium and are therefore useful for arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and hypertension.

Nephritis, edema and other diseases also have a good therapeutic effect.

The sugar content in melon is reduced, which is especially suitable for people with diabetes. Regular eating melon can also remove excess aunts in the human body.

Winter melon also has the effect of detoxifying fish and detoxifying wine.

In addition, melon seeds contain urinary enzyme, trigonelline and other ingredients, which can be used to clear the lung heat, purulent, phlegm, and dampness.

Although fish and winter melon are good, they should not be eaten at the same time. This is mainly because catfish contain a variety of trace elements, and eating with winter melon will reduce the nutritional value of both, so it is not appropriate to eat catfish and winter melon together.

[Can yogurt drink?]_ Danger_Bad

[Can yogurt drink?]_ Danger_Bad

Yogurt is something we drink every day.

Yogurt retains the nutrients of milk, and through fermentation, it has a better ability to promote digestion.

Most yoghurts need to be refrigerated, and the shelf life is expected.

However, if yoghurt agglomeration occurs, pay attention to the fact that yoghurt agglomeration is mostly caused by improper storage of yoghurt or continuous changes in the nutritional composition of yoghurt cows.

So can you drink yogurt cakes?

First, the reason for yogurt agglomeration: 1. Yogurt spoilage. Because yogurt fermentation itself requires lactic acid bacteria and the like, other bacteria in the yogurt may grow and multiply and cause the yogurt to spoil when stored improperly or for a long time.
2. The main components of the yoghurt caused by product precipitation are water and raw milk. In addition to some food additives, some precipitation may occur during long-term storage.

3. Additives use too much of the thickness produced by yogurt. Illegal manufacturers will choose to add thickeners (state regulations prohibit the use of thickeners for milk) to make yogurt taste thicker.

Improper use will cause some delamination and caking.

Second, how to do the yoghurt agglomeration: Some yoghurts have agglomeration phenomenon, which is normal.

Yogurt can be eaten if it does not have a shelf life when it is slightly caked and has no spoiled taste; however, it cannot be eaten if it has passed the shelf life and is spoiled.

Third, identify spoiled yogurt: 1.

Deteriorated yoghurt, some do not clot, and are in a liquid state; some are too acidic or have alcoholic fermentation; some are bubbling and have a mildewy smell; and the color becomes dark yellow or green.

It may be that spoiled yogurt is inedible.


Check the yogurt preservation status
Yogurt placed at room temperature in a refrigerator or freezer between 6 ° C should be purchased with caution.


Look at qualified yoghurts with uniform and fine coagulation, without bubbles, and there may be a small amount of whey (water-like liquid) on the surface.The color becomes dark yellow or greenish (Note: Due to the different ingredients in existing stirring yogurts such as fruity yogurt, different colors will appear, pay attention to distinguish.

) The smell of qualified yogurt is light and milky; and the smell of spoiled yogurt is sour or alcoholic, so it can be distinguished from the smell.

[Juicing of a certain fruit is delicious]_ delicious conventions _ how to squeeze juice

[Juicing of a certain fruit is delicious]_ delicious conventions _ how to squeeze juice

Fruit is our daily inedible food. Fruit can supplement various vitamins of the human body. Fruit is good for the skin. Fruits are generally eaten peeled, and other fruits are washed and eaten directly. Different fruits are eaten differently, there are manyFruit can be used for juice extraction, many snacks do not know what fruit juice is delicious, which fruit juice is delicious?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Cantaloupe juice is even relatively sweet cantaloupe, freshly squeezed into juice, it is still sweet and delicious, and you don’t have to worry about eating it is not sweet enough; cantaloupe and watermelon have more water, so it is also very suitable for squeezingJuice to drink; II.

Watermelon juice The watermelon juice squeezed into the juice tastes very good, and cantaloupe juice is relatively sweet. If you like this taste, you can drink these juices; 3.

Orange juice or orange juice Orange juice is usually better than orange juice. Generally, oranges are not sour. Of course, depending on personal taste, and oranges are not always sour, you can try; 4.

Apple juice Apples are naturally very good to eat directly, and they are also very nutritious, but the taste of apple juice, although it may not be as obviously sweet as cantaloupe juice and watermelon juice, if you don’t like it too sweet, you can try freshly squeezed apple juice; five.

Some of the current juice extractors can directly process the seeds in the fruit without worrying. Of course, there are many varieties of grapes, and the specific taste may be different. In any case, the grapes can also be squeezed to drink.six.

Pineapple juice; pineapple juice is also more suitable. This kind of fruit is not only nutritious, but freshly squeezed juice is also quite good, and it is usually delicious and equally nutritious.


Juice with a certain fruit1.

Grapefruit with apple and banana.

Bananas can neutralize the sourness of apples and grapefruit, and the fruit juice is very delicious.

You can also add a spoonful of honey.

This juice supplements vitamins for a full sense of energy.


Kiwi with pear and cantaloupe, kiwi can supplement vitamins, and kiwi juice alone will be a bit sour. Adding pear and cantaloupe will dilute the sour taste of kiwi and can also moisturize the lungs.


Passion fruit with oranges.

Passion fruit is very suitable for juicing fruit. This fruit juice is sweet and sour, which is best for summer drinks.


Dragon fruit with banana.

These two kinds of fruits have the function of promoting detoxification. Pressing the juice can detoxify and clear the heat, which is very suitable for accommodating after overeating.

[What does the recipe of Northeast shortbread recipes include]_how to do _ practices Daquan

[What does the recipe of Northeast shortbread recipes include]_how to do _ practices Daquan

There are many types of shortbread, but the far and near is definitely the Northeast shortbread. This kind of shortbread is very soft when eaten, and it will not change because of too much cooking oil when fried.It is very greasy and looks quite good. It has a golden brown skin, so it will win the favor of many people, but if you make it yourself, you must choose a good amount of cooking oil. The attempt is to mix the noodleIt’s softer so it’s better.

Crispy Cakes are named for their special butter-baked crisps, which are characterized by golden yellow, clear layers, crisp and not broken, oily but not greasy, and crispy and palatable.

Among them, Jinhua shortbread is most famous.

The main origins of shortcake are Jinhua House in Zhejiang Province and Jilin River City (Wula Ancient City).

Ingredients: soy noodles, millet noodles, white noodles Ingredients: cooking oil, white sugar Step 1 First fried puff pastry, put oil in the pan, heat and add white noodles to fry, fry the yellow color.Don’t overdo it.

Song Pujiang Wu × “Zhongjinlu” records: four or two pastry cakes, one or two honey, one pound of white flour, search agent[knead and dough agent], printed into the[printed cake mold]as a cake, and put it on the stove[on the stovebake】.

Or use lard, especially honey.

Raw oil skin: 300 grams of flour, 165 grams of water, 15 grams of vegetable oil, 3 grams of yeast, and 2 grams of salt.

Pastry: 150 grams of flour, 75 grams of vegetable oil.

Fillings: 75 grams of brown sugar, 30 grams of sesame, 20 grams of flour, 25 grams of honey, 15 grams of oil, and water (if it can be combined with a ball, you can add water).

Surface decoration: egg liquid, sesame.

Serving Size: 10 pieces.

Method 1, pour the pastry material into a container.

2. Mix into a ball.

3. Pour the oily skin material into the container.

4, mixed into a ball.

5. Then make the fillings.

Allow the oil crust to fully relax.

The flour in the filling is cooked.

6. Pour in cooked sesame and brown sugar.

7, crush the brown sugar, add oil and honey.

8, knead into a ball, if the amount is just right, do not need to add water.

Add the amount of honey slowly depending on the situation.

9. Take out the oil skin and drop it a few times.

10, after seeing the fall is much smoother than the left.

11, then divided into 10 portions.

12. Add 10 more puff pastry.

13, oil pastry into puff pastry.

14. Roll out.

15. Roll up.

16. Roll it longer.

17. Roll up again.

18. Add 10 servings of filling.

19. Roll the leather into a circle and wrap it with filling.

20. After closing, roll into a round cake shape, brush with egg liquid, and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Preheat the oven at 210 ° C and bake in the middle layer for about 20 minutes.

Mycoplasma infection diet guide

Mycoplasma infection diet guide

Patients with mycoplasma infection are taking active medications at the same time, paying attention to diet conditioning every day, is also very important for the recovery of the disease, then what are the precautions for mycoplasma infection?

For patients with mycoplasma infection, the diet must be careful.

Mycoplasma infection diet considerations 1, mycoplasma infection patients should be nutritious diet: patients with mycoplasma infection should eat more vegetables, fruits and other light diet, supplement the necessary vitamins, trace elements, such as: cucumber, bitter gourd, purslane and so on.

2, patients with mycoplasma infection should eat more heat-clearing foods: such as mung beans, heat and detoxification, loofah, cooling blood detoxification.

3, patients with mycoplasma infection should eat more needle fish, loach, leek, red beans, snails, rape, alfalfa, squid, day lily, mung bean, Malan head.

4, patients with mycoplasma infection should eat more immune-enhancing foods: such as melon, purslane, cardamom, turtle, shrimp, squid, mulberry, fig, lychee, walnut, olive, almond, loofah, etc., can enhance immunity,Prevent the disease from getting worse.

5, patients with mycoplasma infection try to avoid drinking, because drinking can affect the absorption of drugs to a certain extent, is not conducive to the recovery of the disease.

6, patients with mycoplasma infection should try to avoid spicy and irritating foods, such as pepper, garlic, ginger, etc., these foods can stimulate local angioedema.

7, patients with mycoplasma infection should not eat fatty, decomposition, mildew, pickled and other foods.

Although mycoplasma is very small, we can’t see it at all, but we can still do something to prevent or treat it. Some of the dietary aspects we introduced above.To avoid the occurrence of mycoplasma infection.

Thin women gain two strokes

Thin women gain two strokes

When I first saw those guys who were fat and strong, I didn’t know how envious.

Please take a look at my figure. I have only read 55 kg for the fourth grade.

The body is as thin as a bamboo pole, and the arm is so thin that only the skin is left, and the grandfather says that my arm seems to be broken.

Therefore, I got an “honorary title” – “green bean sprouts”.

  I remember a tug-of-war competition.

The teacher said: “Please raise your hand if you want to participate!

“As soon as I heard it, I was happy to raise my hand in the field.”

When there was only the last place left, I was anxious like an ant on a hot pot.

The teacher looked at me and frowned and said, “Zhou Xinyi!

“I am too angry.”

So, I made up my mind that I must increase my fat.

This is not, the holiday is coming, it is really helping me!

Ok, the fattening plan is starting!

  The first trick to gain weight: I eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, then I will open the belly to eat.

what to eat?

Oh, yes, the skin pork is the best, I eat it thoroughly.

But I usually only eat vegetables, I am sick when I see the skin pork on the table.

When I thought about my great fattening plan, I was worried, biting my teeth, and biting a piece of pork.

“Voque”, I spit out the skin of the pork, and I couldn’t eat the family.

If you can’t make a plan, you can’t make a living.

I went to the supermarket to buy a big bag of snacks, biscuits, dried tofu, drinks, chocolate, beef jerky. madly eaten, after a meal, the rice could not be eaten.

My mother forbidden me to eat snacks.

It’s really “losing snacks and losing weight”!

  The second measure of fattening: I slept, I slept, I slept, and it was useless, so I started my second fattening plan – sleep.

Grandma is fat, and according to her, she is fat.

I usually don’t have time to go to school at school. When the summer vacation arrives, I celebrate at 8 o’clock every night and work hard to cultivate sleeping insects.

There is a word in the mouth: “Sleepworm!

Come on, help me a favor, help me gain weight!

I don’t know if my desire to gain fat is too strong, or the sleeping insects show their talents. I actually slept until 9 o’clock every morning. My mother didn’t wake me up.

Oh, this time I will be able to gain weight.

  I am happy to move my weight and step forward with confidence.

54 pounds!

Not getting fat, but losing a pound, I want to cry without tears.

It seems that my fattening plan is “Monkey Fishing Moon – One Empty”!

Temperature difference is easy to cough, orange stew, egg, moisturizing warm stomach

Temperature difference is easy to cough, orange stew, egg, moisturizing warm stomach

In December, the temperature began to become the same as a roller coaster.

The sun is shining during the day, and when it gets into the night, it will be cold and windy. How can such a large temperature difference hold down?

In this cold and bleak season, the hot stewed egg is the first choice for warm stomach.

The stewed egg has always been said to be smooth and smooth, adding stewed eggs of orange juice and milk, as well as moisturizing, moistening and relieving cough.

Hurry and see how to cook.

Orange Stewed Egg Ingredients: Orange 1 Egg 1 Milk 50ml White Sugar 20g Practice: 1 Cut the orange from the top 1/3, squeeze out the orange juice and add the fascia inside the orange to remove it.

2 Add orange sugar to the orange juice and stir until it is melted. Filter the pomace with a small tea sieve and take out the juice for use.

3 Eggs are broken up. Add about 30 grams (about two tablespoons) of orange juice and mix well. Add equal amount of milk and mix well. Filter off the impurities again with a small tea sieve.

4 Empty oranges are placed in a small bowl and then poured into the milky orange egg to 8 minutes. The surface is covered with plastic wrap.

After the steamer is opened, add the oranges and steam for about 10 minutes.

Chinese medicine believes that orange is slightly cool, sweet and sour.

It has the effect of thirst, appetizing and qi, treating the loss of appetite, swelling of the chest and abdomen, thunder in the abdomen and loose stools or diarrhea.

Oranges contain a lot of vitamin C and carotene, which can inhibit the formation of carcinogens, soften and protect blood vessels, promote blood circulation, reduce plasma and blood lipids, reduce skin melanin, reduce dark spots and freckles, and make skin fair.

Eat more fruits and vegetables of vitamin C, help restore skin elasticity and prevent allergic reactions.

How to pick oranges?

Basically, high-quality oranges, the relative length of the skin of the epidermis, feels rough when trying to touch, and the inferior orange skin is replaced by a lenticule, which is relatively smooth to the touch.

If the quality orange is rubbed with white paper, the color of the paper will not change, but if it is a dyed orange, you should pay attention to it, as long as it is rubbed, it will fade.

The average fresh orange, trying to touch it, will feel that the epidermis is relatively elastic, and the fresh orange peel will be very soft and it will feel easy to break.

Beautiful girl’s beautiful way of life

Beautiful girl’s beautiful way of life

Beautiful girls often enjoy more compliments and help than many people on many occasions.

However, the beautiful girl’s feet are not just the smooth roads covered with flowers. In history, there are many people in the reality who have fallen fish and geese. The girl who has closed the moon and has a picture of the moon has staged or is undergoing a scene of life tragedy.

But the causes of these tragedies are often closely related to the attitudes of the beautiful girls and the way they live.

Therefore, if a beautiful girl wants to make her life more beautiful, more fulfilling, and more renewed, she must be a man and a hard work.

The following methods are available for girls: 1

Beauty is not talented, can’t be proud of it. If you are proud of beauty, you think you stand out, your eyes are up, you can’t look down on people, and if you are frosty, then she will become friends and be isolated.

Only respect others, be modest and generous, and treat people with sincerity to win people’s true feelings and respect.


Beauty is not a chip, can not be traded. A female college student is seen by a foreign student because of her beauty. She is happy to make up for her purpose in order to achieve the purpose of going abroad.

After going abroad, I realized that I had a wife and a wife, and it was too late to regret.

From this we can see that if a girl regards beauty as a fortune and thus as a bargaining chip in exchange for power, money, wealth, etc., it is tantamount to making a contract with the devil and making a bet on her own life.


Beauty is not a signboard, can not be arrogant and beautiful girls should be more solemn and calm, gentle and quiet, all vulgar and frivolous scornful actions are not desirable.

Better than gems, it is more beautiful under the backdrop of plain background.

In the pursuit of glamorous luxury, blindly compare, can only give people a sense of vulgarity.


Beauty is not omnipotent, and you must not lose yourself.

  Beautiful girls are always especially favored, and the voice of compliments is often heard. There are many people who are attentive.

At this time, you must be clear-headed and not feverish.

If you lose yourself in a compliment, the result is more than that, and the more you fall.


Beautiful non-wild flowers, can not be arbitrarily picked or rudely trampled on the beautiful girl pursuers are no shortage of people, then the girl needs to refine the eyes of the fire, to distinguish is the sincere praise, care, kindness, some is greed, wretched, the inferior lust, thus distinguishing between gentlemen and villains, to determine the range of friends.


Beauty is not long-lasting, and it is difficult to be long-lasting and beautiful. It is hard to last for a long time, just like the morning dew will disappear instantly.

If you are too cautious and beautiful, and give up other such virtues, the pursuit of knowledge, this is the end of the cart.

Only the beauty of the shape and the genius of the smelt can be cast into a beautiful, glamorous statue.

Who said that Tai Chi is only practiced by the elderly!

Who said that Tai Chi is only practiced by the elderly!

The word Tai Chi is derived from the “Zhou Yi Department of the Word”: “Easy to have Tai Chi, is the two instruments.
“Taijiquan is named after the yin and yang theory of China.”
  Boxing exercise has been used in fitness for thousands of years in China.
Taijiquan is a traditional fitness project in China and a valuable national cultural heritage.
  Taijiquan’s movement balance is moderate, complex and harmonious, and it is smooth and smooth. It combines muscle movement and breathing and the adjustment of mind and mind. It is quiet in movement, has its remarkable characteristics, and has a gentle movement of Tai Chi, without mental and physical strength.It is highly suitable for middle-aged and elderly people and patients with chronic diseases. Therefore, it has a special position in rehabilitation medicine and is the best choice for middle-aged and elderly people.
  What are the benefits of practicing Tai Chi?
  Tai Chi is an important means of fitness and disease prevention.
China’s “Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classics” questioned: “The disease is more cold and hot, and its treatment should be guided.
“Han Dynasty famous doctor Hua Wei created the “Five Birds Play” as a healthy sport. His theory is: “If the person is constantly shaking, then the gas is gone, the blood is passed, the disease is not born, and the immortality is not immortal.”
Practice Tai Chi, in addition to the muscles and joints of the body need to be active, but also with breathing and consciousness activities.
This has a good impact on the central nervous system, thus laying a good foundation for the improvement of other systems and organ function activities.
  Fan Zhenhua and others surveyed 80 men aged 50-79 who practiced Tai Chi in Shanghai for 25 years. Compared with 141 retired employees of the same age group, long-term practice of Tai Chi is conducive to delaying the aging of the body.
  Strengthening the ability of the brain to adjust The practice of Tai Chi requires calmness, concentration, and attention, which has a good training effect on brain activity.
Practice Tai Chi, the action needs to be complete, from the eyes to the upper limbs, torso, lower limbs, coordination up and down unconstrained, coherent and continuous, need to have good dominance and balance, strengthen the brain’s ability to adjust.
  Tai Chi is a very interesting sport. When you practice boxing, you feel comfortable and refreshed.
Because of the improvement of emotions, various physiological activities can be activated. For those with certain chronic diseases, the improvement of emotions is more important, and it is beneficial to get patients out of morbid psychology.
  Promote blood circulation and increase lung capacity When practicing Tai Chi, with the movement of the body, the blood and lymph circulation is strengthened, and the blood stasis in the body is reduced.
During practice, it is required to stagnate dantian. As the breathing deepens, it promotes coronary circulation and strengthens the nutrition of the heart muscle.
  Some institutes have compared cardiovascular function tests to 32 elderly people who practiced boxing and 53 elderly people of the corresponding age.
Except for 1 exception, the training boxing group successfully completed the quantitative movement of 15 steps up and down 40 cm in 1 minute.
The rate of completion of this exercise in the control group decreased with age. The 50-year-old group, the 60-year-old group, the 70-year-old group, and the 80-year-old group were only 85.
9%, 54%, 5% and 2%.
  The data show that the lung capacity of the old man who practiced boxing was larger than that of the control group, and the difference in chest circumference was also large.
After the Shanghai Sports Science Research Institute observed 50 people practicing boxing for 6 months, the average lung capacity increased from 2588 ml to 2765 ml (P<0. 05); the other group increased the lung capacity from 2556 ml to 2780 ml after 1 year of training (P<0. 01).   对肌肉、骨骼和关节有良好作用  太极拳具有弧形动作,能使全身各部分肌群和肌纤维都参加活动,通过反复地缠绕绞转,使肌肉拉长到一般运动所不及的长度,长年累月,A relaxation, the muscles are evenly full, soft and elastic, and enhance the ability to contract.   Due to the contraction of the muscles, the traction of the bones and the strengthening of the metabolism, the blood supply to the bone is improved, and the morphological and structural functions of the bone are well changed, and the bone becomes firm, which improves the flexion and bending resistance of the bone.The ability to resist compression and deformation, making bones less prone to deformation and deformity.   Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou conducted an examination of the spine activity of the old man who practiced boxing. The subject stood on his knees and bent forward to touch the ground. The result was that the old man was better than the control group.