[How do pickled peppers taste delicious?

】 _How to pickle_Production steps

[How do pickled peppers taste delicious?
】 _How to pickle_Production steps

Most people like to eat foods containing peppers. The hot peppers are very tasty. Peppers can be marinated, fried, or mixed. The cooked peppers are more nutritious than the raw ones.It ‘s delicious, but if you eat it in moderation, how do you marinate peppers?

In fact, the method is very simple, how to pickle delicious pepper?

Let ‘s take a look next.


Prepare green pepper (5 kg), salt, star anise, ginger, moderate MSG, soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar.


step 1.

Wash and control hot peppers 2.

Use a small knife to cut off the peppers, and make a preliminary knife along the peppers, so that the peppers are easier to taste when they are marinated.

After handling all the peppers, wash the ginger and slice 4.

Star anise is ready, it’s best to break it up to make it easier to taste;

Prepare a container for pickled peppers 6.

Everything is ready, start filling the container with peppers, spread a layer of peppers with a layer of salt, a star anise, a peppercorn, a few slices of ginger, so that until all the peppers are put in the container, and finally the remaining gingerSlices, star anise, pepper, salt, all spread on the top layer of pepper, then sprinkle MSG, sugar, and finally add vinegar and soy sauce7.

Finish, cover the plaster, and marinate for at least seven days, the longer the time, the more flavor.

It’s best to add more salt, otherwise it will be easily marinated if the temperature is high, and the whole pot will be used up!


Note that it is best to use a small knife when handling peppers, because not all peppers are long and regular. It is easier to use a small knife to cut the opening when there are curved peppers.


Here are some specific taboos about eating peppers.

People with a bad stomach should not eat peppers, because capsaicin in peppers can stimulate the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines, and gastrointestinal motility increases in a short time. Therefore, people with gastric ulcers and chronic gastritis should not eat peppers.


Hypertension patients, patients with hyperthyroidism and patients with cardiovascular disease are not suitable to eat pepper, because pepper will accelerate blood circulation for a short time, so that the heart rate will be faster, so patients with cardiovascular disease and lung disease are not suitable to eat pepper.


Hemorrhoids and constipation patients should not eat pepper, because the capsaicin stimulation in pepper will aggravate hemorrhoids and constipation.


Patients with cholecystitis and pancreatitis should not eat pepper, because the stimulation of capsaicin in pepper will stimulate the stomach to secrete a large amount of gastric acid, and the increase in gastric acid will reduce the contraction of the gallbladder, making it difficult to replace bile, so cholecystitis is feasible.And patients with pancreatitis should not eat pepper.


People with eye diseases should not eat chili, because chili is a spicy food, and eating chili will easily lead to fire, which will aggravate eye disease.


People with bad kidneys are also unsuitable to eat peppers, because capsaicin in peppers needs to be excreted through the kidneys, so people with bad kidneys are not suitable to eat peppers.


Pregnant women and mothers should not eat chili, because chili is hot, and it is easy to get angry after eating. Most pregnant women will have yin deficiency and internal heat. Foods that are not hot should be exacerbated and may cause constipation.

And the mother should not eat pepper during breastfeeding, because the baby also got angry symptoms through breastfeeding.


In patients taking certain drugs, often when the doctor prescribes the medicine, they will also say that the diet should be light, avoid spicy food, and pepper is a spicy food, so when taking Chinese medicine or some doctors to avoid spicy food,Not suitable for chilli.